International School in Klang


The International School in Klungssoon is located in Klangang Valley, Thailand. It offers a complete English- Malaysian education with the main focus being on International Business. The school was established in 1986 by Mr. Zafarul Islam with the mission of providing an international school in Malaysia. Since then it has grown to become one of the top international schools in the whole world. Over the years the school has seen growth and seen the number of students grow from many national and international countries, which are mainly from various Asian nations.

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With the growth of the International School in Klang Valley, Thailand, the students have become well acquainted with many different cultures and languages. In addition to that, they also enjoy a mixture of the academic and social activities that are offered in an international school. The school also provides the British National Curriculum, which is used at all the schools that are associated with the International School in Klang Valley, Thailand.

As you read about the international school in kl ang Valley, Thailand, you will come across many positive things about it. One of the good things about the school is that it offers the students various co-curricular activities which enhance their knowledge and make them more proficient with English. They also learn about various cultures and about the values that they follow. The early years curriculum offers great facilities and the school is well equipped with facilities that can be found at any university. It also offers various subjects which the students find interesting such as arts, humanities and commerce.

In some of the international school reviews, the school is accredited by UNESCO and this is a major advantage. This means that the school is recognized by the governments of almost every country in the world. The schools associated with the International School in Klang Valley, Thailand are fully equipped with the latest technologies and they have built a good rapport with the students of other countries. Many international students from different countries to attend the school. This makes it a very popular destination for studying English.

The International School in Klang Valley, Thailand offers courses in a variety of disciplines including science, geography, economics, humanities, sociology and communication. There are some interesting courses that are offered at the school like the drama programs which form the first year of the course. In the second year, students will learn about business administration and business law. The following year, students will study the culture and human resources. The last two semesters will be on foreign language and literature.

Students who want to pursue their degree in any discipline, including communication, education, business management, geography and even psychology can join this international school. The curriculum and teaching methods of the school are similar to that of the Alice Smith School and the renowned Mont Kiara High School. This means that both schools teach excellent English language and conversation skills to students. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about an international school in Klang Valley, Thailand, then you should check out the school details and content on the internet.

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